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It does not take much to change the course of a child’s life. Through the membership and program scholarships we award to kids we ensure a positive change is made and the course is set on a bright future. The support we receive through the Strong Kids campaign enables us to make the difference. Kurtis Dawson

Executive Director


Pass It On – The theme for the Strong Kids campaign this year is “Pass It On”. As a child you don’t realize what impact positive role models have in your life. Now looking back, if it was not for the right people influencing our lives and encouraging us, we may have ended up with a completely different life. With the economy and ever changing circumstances there seems to be less we can depend on. It is in times like these that we have to ensure kids have a safe place to be and positive programs to attend. Kids need something they can count on and know it will always be there for them when they need it.

We can ensure those role models and words of encouragement are here for kids today. Our involvement with the YMCA as members, board members and Strong Kids campaigners has given us the opportunity to see the difference the Y makes for the kids in our community. “Pass It On”, the theme for this year’s campaign, is fitting because we want to pass on the positive experiences to the next generation. Through supporting the Strong Kids campaign we can make that happen. The Strong Kids Campaign ensures the Y can continue to award scholarships for memberships and programs. It also supports programs such as the clubhouse, Camp Bishop, and Goldberg Family Discovery Center which provides positive role models and a safe place for kids to go after school.

This year, we ask that you please join us by giving to the Strong Kids Campaign so you too can help “Pass It On” to the kids in our community.

Thank you for your support!

Erik Kupka & Katie Snodgrass
Campaign Co-Chairs